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Hello, I am running my Bot User:SpaceBirdyBot as interwikibot on is.wikt (and de,es,pt,ga,af,fo,nah) lately because not all links are catched by the current active bots there (they have not much activity). If You are interested I can set my bot to run here also.

I am using SVN pywikipedia (latest) and run it using

interwiki.py -wiktionary -autonomous -force -noauto -nobacklink -noshownew -neverlink:fur,ilo,nov,sco,tlh

Best regards, --Spacebirdy 30 martie 2008 14:18 (UTC)

No response is also a response. I won't check back here, if You are interested please contact me on my usertalkpage on is/de.wikt or on meta, thanks. --Spacebirdy 2 aprilie 2008 13:13 (UTC)